Daily Bible Study Lessons

  • Israelites Leaving Egypt

    Exodus 13: Into the Wilderness

    God directs Israel out of Egypt and into the wilderness Following God’s Way: Exodus out of Egypt and into the Sinai Desert Wilderness In today’s lesson, we see: Israel’s firstborn sanctified to God; Journey to Etham by divine guidance. In Exodus 13 …

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  • Circaetus gallicus : a snake eagle swallows a prey

    Sermon: On Eagles’ Wings

    The Grace of God Saves Israel and Saves Us Click on the link below for the Sunday Sermon by Dr. J. Vernon McGee on the topic: On Eagles’ Wings On Eagle’s WingsA Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) perched in a tree Today’s …

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  • Moses Leads Exodus from Egypt

    Exodus 12b: Exodus From Egypt

    Israel driven from Egypt after death of all firstborn In today’s lesson, we see: The tenth plague – death of the firstborn of Egypt; The Israelites are driven out of Egypt. In the second part of chapter 12, we see further guidance given regarding the …

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  • First Passover

    Exodus 11-12a: The Passover

    Only the blood of the lamb can save firstborn of Egypt In today’s lesson, we see: The Israelites ask Egyptians for jewels; The firstborn of Egypt are threatened with death; The beginning of Israel’s religious year; Institution of the Feast of the Passover; The tenth plague …

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  • Locust from the 1915 plague in Palestine

    Exodus 10: Locusts and Darkness

    More opportunities for Pharoah to obey God In today’s lesson, we see: The eighth plague – locusts; The ninth plague – darkness; The Lord’s claim on Israel. God has many reasons for doing what He does. One reason for the plagues was to make Pharaoh …

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