Daily Bible Study Lessons

  • Plague of Hail and Fire

    Exodus 9: Three More Plagues

    The Death of Livestock, Boils, and Hail In today’s lesson, we see: The fifth plague – murrain; The sixth plague – boils; The seventh plague – hail and fire. God continues to deal with the stubborn heart of Pharaoh and with his people. So long …

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  • The Plague of Frogs

    Exodus 8: The Plagues Continue

    The Plagues of Frogs, Lice and Flies In today’s lesson, we see: The second plague – frogs; The third plague — lice; The fourth plague — flies. The plagues continue upon the land of Egypt as God directs His attack against a people immersed in …

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  • The Bitter Waters of Marah Made Sweet

    Sermon: Making Bitter Waters Sweet

    The Tree (The Cross) Makes Bitter Waters Sweet Click on the link below for the Sunday Sermon by Dr. J. Vernon McGee on the topic: Changing Bitter Waters To Sweet Are you going through difficulties and wondering why God doesn’t hear your pleas for help? …

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  • Moses and Aaron before Pharoah

    Exodus 7: Moses Returns to Pharoah

    God begins to work wonders and plagues In today’s lesson, we see: The renewal of Moses’ commission continued; The Egyptian magicians; The first plague – water turned to blood. The battle between the Lord God of Israel and the Egyptian gods has not yet been …

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  • Michelangelo's Moses

    Exodus 6: God Answers Moses’ Prayer

    Jehovah Has Not Forgotten His Covenant With Israel In today’s lesson, we see: Jehovah’s answer to Moses’ prayer; A partial genealogy of Israel; Renewal of Moses’ commission. Chapter 6 is a continuation of the last part of chapter 5. The time for the plagues to …

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