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A web site is an inexpensive form of communicating that can instantly reach people literally around the world. If done well, a web site is a powerful tool for informing and influencing people. If you are in business, a properly designed web site can easily be found by others interested in products and services you offer and enabling them to contact you, visit you, and perhaps even do business with your organization. On the other hand, a poorly done web site can make your and your organization seem amateurish, turning them away before they can even get to know more about you.

Need a new or improved web site?

Do you need to set up a new web site for your school, ministry, church, or business? Or, do you already have a web site, but need to improve and expand on what you have now? We can help.

Web site development and hosting

Web site development and hosting

Servants Class Web Site Services

We can help you improve an existing web site or develop an entirely new site for your school, church, ministry, or business. Whether your web site is a small site hosted on your organization’s own server, a large site on a dedicated server, or anything in between, we can work with you create a beautiful web site that W3C compliant and accessible. Included below are a few links to recent examples of our work. CLICK HERE for a web site requirements checklist.

How can I serve you?

Allan Anderson, P.E.

Allan Anderson, P.E.

As part of my environmental engineering work (I am a licensed engineer) over the past 33-plus years, I have done a substantial amount of web site and intranet portal development for large corporations and government agencies, as well as for Christian schools and small businesses. My web site software coding experience includes work with PHP,  Adobe Coldfusion, Flash, Flex, as well as MS SQL and MySQL database support for dynamic web sites and data storage/retrieval. Now, as a small, veteran-owned business-owner, I can help you develop a superb web site quickly and at a very reasonable price. If I can be of assistance, please contact me using the contact information below. I will be glad to discuss your requirements and provide a price quote.

Your Fellow Servant in Christ,

Allan Anderson Webmaster
Owner, AA Consulting Services PLLC

Recent Projects

I am not able to post links to corporate and government web sites/intranet portals I have worked on. But here are some publicly available sites that are good examples of my recent web design and development work. Click on the pictures below to access those sites.

Providence Christian Academy

Providence Christian Academy, Virginia

PCA Forums and Calendar

Providence Christian Academy Forums

Charles R. Wood Builders

Charles R. Wood Builders, Manassas, VA

PCA Learning Management System

 PCA Learning Management System

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