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About EXODUS: the Book of A People Called Out

Exodus: from the Greek ex, “out,” and hodos, “way,” “a going out”

Whereas Genesis is the book of origins, Exodus is the book of redemption. Delivered out of Egyptian bondage, the newly constituted nation is endowed with the law, priesthood, and sacrificial system, providing for the worship and regulation of a redeemed people.


The book is named from the Latin “exodus,” through the LXX exodus, signifying “out-going” or “departure” (cf. 19:1; Hebrews 11:22). The ancient Hebrews, in accordance with their practice of designating the holy books from one or more of the opening words, called it we ’elleh shemot (“and these are the names”), or simply shemot, (“names”).


The book of Exodus deals with the great event of the redemption from Egypt. It typifies our redemption and traces the constitution of Jacob’s descendants as a theocratic nation at Mt. Sinai. God, who until this time had been related to the Israelites only through the Abrahamic covenant, now brings Himself in relationship to them nationally through redemption. As a people selected to bring forth the promised Redeemer, they are put under the Mosaic covenant. The divine Presence resides among them under the cloud of glory. The constitution, Tabernacle, priesthood, and sacrificial system are minutely typical of the Person and work of Christ (note the message of the book of Hebrews). Exodus is preeminently the book of redemption.


The book of Exodus is historical and from the time of Moses, who is its author. As with the other books of the Pentateuch, the great lawgiver may have used ancient sources, oral or written, but the Pentateuch bears the unmistakable hand of a one-author unity and bears the impress everywhere—in miracle, prophecy, type, and symbol—of divine inspiration, historicity, and authenticity.

(Information Source: The New Ungers Bible Dictionary)

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