Guidelines for Bible Study – Lesson 1

Depiction of Jewish Scribe

Depiction of Jewish Scribe

Have you considered…?

  • Who or what guides how you live your life?
  • What do you rely on to guide your decisions as to good or bad, right or wrong, wise or unwise?
  • When you judge the words or actions of others, how do you know your judgment is correct?
  • Is there anyone you go to that can offer reliable assistance in important decisions you need to make?
  • Do are words or actions really matter, or is life merely random and free of consequences?
  • Can you really control your life, or does nature and nurture lock you into your “fate”?
  • Is there a common moral code that should guide everyone’s life, or is everything relative to our situation? If everything is relative, can there really be a right or wrong, good or evil?

Those are just a few questions that are relative to this web site and to our study of God and the Bible, which we claim to be God’s “inspired” (God breathed) Word. I hope you’ll join us for the daily studies found on this web site to learn more of the Christian faith and our relationship to the eternal God.

I am using the Bible studies from Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s Thru The Bible (ttb.org) lessons, which take listeners through a study of the entire Bible over a five-year period. I have added my own thoughts, comments on current events, and quotes from other literature to make these studies as relevant as possible.

These first 10 lessons of this five-year Bible study provide detailed Guidelines for the Study of the Bible. Here are links to further information:

Hope you will join us for this daily ride through some fascinating territory of God’s truths!


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